About Morsel

Morsel is a collective of California bakers committed to providing quality edibles that have been operating out of the SF Bay Area since 2010.

Morsel was founded by Kyle Marshall after dropping out of Humboldt State and discovering his uncle was suffering from liver cancer. Cannabis was one of the few things that helped quell the nausea after chemotherapy & prior dialysis sessions and so Kyle utilized his contacts from high school and college to provide his uncle with safe access to medical cannabis. It was at this point he discovered an extreme need to help create safe access to medical cannabis and the benefits gained through consuming it. He combined his love for baking and passion for providing effective medicines and that materialized itself as Morsel.

Since we’ve began, Morsel has evolved as a company through the perpetual changes the cannabis industry has gone through. Once started in a home kitchen and packaged in ziplock bags – Morsel has now grown into a commercial kitchen operation that has produced product for over 80 dispensaries and delivery services in California.

We work with in close relation with our clients and farmers to provide some of the most consistent, affordable and potent edibles around. All of our products are manufactured by experienced bakers in a licensed commercial kitchen. Every batch is carefully crafted and lab tested to assure consistency to help provide positive patient experiences. The material we source is always pesticide-free and organically grown by farmers in Lake County and Mendocino.

Having worked hard over the years to establish a positive reputation with our patient consumers, we are looking forward to continuing our mission of providing the best tasting and most affordable edibles possible.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we hope you enjoy our cannabis confectioneries!

The Morsel Bakery Team